Bitcoin Cash

Users interact with the Bitcoin Cash network using a wallet. There are a lot of wallet options to choose from and a lot of factors to compare. Because of this finding a wallet that fits your needs can be a difficult task.
Our goal is to help you find the ideal wallet for you!

Types of wallets

Wallets are programs that manage your private keys. There are different types of wallets each with their own trade-offs. Generally wallets are divided into two broad categories. The first category includes the types used for long term offline storage, also called ‘cold storage’. This category is recommended for secure long term storage of funds and includes paper wallets and hardware wallets. The second category, called ‘hot wallets’, includes all the wallets that are online. Hot wallets are convenient for day to day use in contrast to cold storage which is more security focused.

A crucial part of a wallet is that the user has full control of his own keys. There's a saying 'not your keys, not your coins', which boils it down to its essence. There are also programs where you don’t control your own keys. These programs are essentially crypto banks where a trusted party manages your money. Confusingly they are sometimes called custodial “wallets”.

This website focuses only on the two most important types of hot wallets: desktop and mobile wallets. You can find a detailed comparision of wallets in each category on our mobile and desktop wallet page! Below we highlight one great mobile and one great desktop wallet as quick and easy alternative to comparing many options.

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It is the branch of bitcoin that resulted from 'the great scaling debate' which got resolved in august 2017 by a split of the bitcoin community into two separate networks. What unites the people involved in Bitcoin Cash is that they agree on the current set of rules for the network and on the roadmap made by the different development teams. This roadmap includes (but is not limited to) on chain scaling to facilitate payments on large scale.

Bitcoin Cash aims to become p2p electronic cash for the whole world and has a vibrant ecosystem and passionate community that wants to make this goal a reality. A big selling point of BCH is that it works fast cheap and reliably today. There has been an explosion of development happening to improve on the solid bitcoin foundation. Some of the most notable development teams working on protocol development are Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited and BCHD. A more complete overview can be found here.